PEO Services


We offer you the opportunity to select the services that your practice needs, both within the PEO and individually.

Payroll Administration

Our payroll center integrates payroll service processing, payroll tax filing, HR information management, employee benefits and time and attendance reporting.

Human Resources

We provide policy and procedure manuals. Governmental programs compliance and training. Employee maintenance, communication and education.

Retirement Services

In addition to your core business solutions, you need a strong 401(k) offering to round out your value-added employee benefits services.

HRIS Technology

Leading the industry in technology with the HRIS system that integrates with the payroll system. Provides customization tracking, processing and recordkeeping.

Risk Management

The goal of Risk Management is to identify, assess and resolve risk items before they be-come threats to assignments or to the entire organization.

Workers' Compensation

We provide safety plan creation and training, audits and reviews. OSHA compliance as well as accident and claims administration.

Triton provides an extensive selection of services for physicians.   In addition to the services listed on this page, we also provide credentialing, licensing and business consulting, specializing in practice assessments to help you determine if your practice is meeting current regulatory and compliance requirements.

Triton Corporate Services...Implementing industry best practices.

Triton Corporate Services teams up with the physician to innovate and grow.  We provide our clients with organizational expertise, experience and resources that will help you create an environment where your patients and staff can thrive.

Contact us to learn more about how Triton can help your practice. 

Practice Choice by McKesson is a complete medical billing, scheduling and clinical solution that incorporates and attractive user interface, simple organization and navigation, with drag and drop functionality.

Contact Triton Corporate Services to provide your office with the tools and equipment to launch your practice to a new level.  

We offer our services to establish and maintain physician credentialing and licensing.  We can coordinate with your existing staff or handle the entire process.  

Contact Triton Corporate Services for more information on credentialing, licensing and other services.

Triton Corporate Services offers multiple levels of Practice Accounting.  All Practice Accounting is done in-house by our licensed CPA.  

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Why Choose Us ?
  • You will receive a specialist.
  • You can have 1 contact for your practice needs.
  • Flexible, customized service plans.
  • Friendly, responsive customer service.
  • Complete employee education.
  • Cost-effective benefit plans.
  • Group Purchasing for your office/practice needs.